The Science Behind Testing

We believe in the optimal performance pyramid.  A solid foundation and balance pyramid is essential to achieving full physical genetic potential in life and sport.  We have selected the best screening and testing methods to evaluate each building block of the pyramid.  Armed with this information we can then the most effective plan for each individual athlete. Without proper testing… you are just guessing.

Step 1: Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Usable range of motion, or functional movement, is the first prerequisite to all sports, work and recreation.  It is comprised of joint mobility and stability, combined with how our body organizes those qualities in movement.  Without it we often struggle to execute our sport fundamentals properly or worse we end up injured.  We use the FMS as our entry point to assess an athletes movement abilities.  

Step 2: Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS)

Creating durable performers in sport, work and recreation is our goal.  Without control athletes are not durable and often lack the performance they desire.  Movement, posture, explosive, and impact are the four fundamental forms of movement control evaluated in the FCS.  

Step 3: Performance Testing

Strength and power are the two qualities most valued in sports.  They help you swing faster, throw harder, jump higher, and run quicker.  We utilize TPI’s testing for rotational power which has been proven to be an accurate predictor of rotation speed.  

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