Performance Training

Unlike general fitness programs (crossfit, bootcamps, personal trainers) where the main goal is general fitness, performance training involves the whole body as a kinetic chain, with movement occurring from the feet to the hands, to produce powerful movement. Performance training is an integrative progressive approach training the body to integrate all links in the chain to enhance the performance and prevent injury. Our athletes typically experience 20% or more gain in strength and power in just one offseason.
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Swing Speed Training

Success in rotational sports, such as golf or baseball and softball, is very dependent on the athlete’s ability to produce high swing speeds. Elite level swing speeds really challenge the athletes kinetic linking and require a unique combination of mobility, stability, motor control, and power. Our athletes generally experience a 10+ mph gain in swing speed in their first 12 weeks. 
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Arm Care and Velo Training

Like swing speed, throwing with velocity is a very demanding on the body and in many cases, it causes permanent changes to the shoulder joint. It requires the same high level of kinetic linking so it’s imperative to continually perform prehab and shoulder building exercises the maintain joint health. In many cases this can build into a throwing velocity program during the offseason.
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